Twin Set Diver

Technical Twin Set Gas Sharing

PSAI – Twin Set Diving - £250

Twinsets are a must have tool to anyone wanting to dive to deeper depths, dive for longer durations of time or even add redundancy and safety to their diving. This course is designed to teach divers how to correctly use a twin set configuration for recreational diving.

What will I learn?

  • The components of a twin set
  • Advantages/disadvantages to twin set diving
  • Different twinset configurations
  • Equipment care and maintenance
  • Shut-down procedures
  • 'Out of gas' procedures
  • Team diving techniques

Self Learning
Upon enrolling in the PSAI Twin Set Diving Course with In Deep, you will be supplied with your manual to read through prior to the start of your course.

Confined Water Sessions
During the confined water sessions you will observe instructor demonstrations and get the opportunity to practice key twin set skills including; submerged leak checks, buoyancy control techniques, shut down procedures and out of gas procedures.

Open Water Sessions
Now's the time to take all that you learnt in theory and confined water sessions and apply these skills to the open water environment; building upon your comfort when using a twin set and refining your skills further.

How Long Will It Take?
The PSAI Twin Set Diving Course at In Deep is run over the course of 2 days.

What’s Included?
The Course includes all required materials, PSAI certification and twinset, wing and regulator rental if required.

Why Enroll With In Deep?
During your course you can take full advantage of use of all on-site facilities at the Mount Batten Watersports Centre including free parking, toilets, showers, changing rooms, secure storage of personal items, cafe, bar, restaurant, classrooms and waterside views. All open water diving will be completed from one of our two hard boats that both feature a dive lift, heated wheelhouse, galley for hot drinks and food and toilet facilities. Upon completion of your PSAI Twin Set Diver course, join the In Deep Dive Club for continued guidance and build your diving experience record.

What Do I Need To Enrol?
• Minimum 15 years of age • Open water qualification • Minimum of 12 logged open water dives

What's Next?
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