Deep Diver

deep sea diver

PADI Deep Diver Speciality - £250

The PADI Deep diver speciality consolidates the skills, techniques and equipment required for deeper diving in the 18 - 40m range, opening up a wealth of deeper sites to explore. Key concepts include dive planning, gas management, nitrogen narcosis, decompression sickness and physiology. The deep diver speciality certifies you to dive to 40m within recreational no decompression limits.

Deep diving equipment considerations including redundant gas & buoyancy systems, advanced gas planning & management techniques, physiology of nitrogen narcosis & decompression sickness, review of enriched air (nitrox) theory & oxygen exposure management.

In-water Drills
The primary in-water skills covered includes trim, buoyancy control, propulsion techniques, gas sharing both stationary & ascents.

Why In Deep?
Our instructors are highly skilled and experienced technical divers, teaching from experience and ability. We also teach technical level courses and can provide you with all the information and skills to continue down the technical route.

We our completely self efficient, with a state of the art gas blending facility, two large dive boats and accommodation available on site.

Recommended Equipment

  • Twinset
  • Primary and Backup dive lights
  • Wing and harness buoyancy System

Minimum Requirements
18 years of age.
PADI Advanced Open Water diver certification (or equivalent).
PADI Enriched Air speciality (or equivalent)
Equipment including a redundant air source.