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In Deep Gas Services & Facilities

In Deep is equipped with the biggest & best gas filling system in Europe!!

We operate two state of the art L&W compressors with a combined output of 1500 litres per minute, enough to fill a scuba cylinder every 1.5 minutes. The compressors generate clean breathing air to the highest standards & both are continuously monitored for air quality & filter life electronically using an L&W "Puracon" humidity control system. This is backed up by monthly air testing using a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) system, the most accurate method of air analysis to date & as used by the MOD & the HSE.

Unlike all other air systems in the UK we also carry out regular particulate analysis to ensure that your gas does not contain micronic particles harmful to your health & also your diving equipment. These standards are currently being discussed in the UK by a variety of consultation groups but have been deemed too expensive to implement in the sports diving market! Here at In Deep our customers well being cannot be measured by money & we feel that only the highest possible standards will do.

The filling system is split between a filling panel for air & a dedicated Nitrox & Trimix blending panel.

The air filling panel is 3.8 metres long & can fill 15 scuba tanks all at the same time. The filling panel is fed by a triple cascade air storage bank system, each bank consisting of 10 x 68litre 300bar cylinders giving a total volume of 612,000 cubic litres of air. This is enough to fill 280 12 litre scuba cylinders without running the compressors! The filling valves are all L&W UK "Flo-Controlled" lever design & are pressure regulated so that scuba cylinders are not "blast" filled. This means you get the correct amount of gas at the correct temperature every time; no short fills here!

The Nitrox & Trimix panel is truly "state of the art" in every sense of the word & uses partial pressure blending, continuous blending & membrane technology. We operate a four way cascade on Oxygen & a two way cascade on Helium allowing us to use nearly all the gas from our O2 & He bank for partial pressure blending. To compliment this we have installed a Stanstead Fluid Power oxygen booster pump for scavenging & boosting Helium & Oxygen as & when required.

The continuous blending is carried out using an L&W UK "Problender 1000" allowing fast blending of either Nitrox or Trimix at speeds up to 1000 litres/minute. It has built in O2 & He analysers with digital displays showing the mix as it is being blended & compressed, ensuring very accurate mixes. The membrane system allows us to generate Nitrox up to 40% without the need for any O2 cylinders & is particularly useful when we have large groups or a large number of scuba cylinders requiring the same mix.

As you can see we have invested a huge amount of time & money into our gas station ensuring fast, safe & accurate filling of your scuba cylinders. It really is the best gas system for scuba cylinders Europe!