Equipment Servicing, Hire & Repair

indeep gas hore

Equipment Hire

Rental prices are per day
ITEM Price (per day)
Mask  £5.00
Fins  £5.00
Semi-Dry 2 piece (5/7 mm)  £20.00
Wetsuit Boots £5.00
Gloves £5.00
Drysuit (incl undersuit) £40.00
Computer £20.00
Compass £5.00
Regulators (single) £15.00
Regulators (double) £20.00
BCD £10.00
Wing (single/double) £15.00
Cylinder (single) £10.00
Cylinder (double) £20.00
SMB & Reel £10.00
Weight (incl belt) £7.00
Full kit hire (single) £50.00
Full kit hire (double) £60.00

Equipment Servicing

Cylinders All cylinders are tested in compliance with HSE & department of transport standards, prices include test certificate & air fill
ITEM Price
Cylinder visual/hydrostatic test £50.00 (per cylinder)
Oxygen cleaning (with test) £10.00 (per cylinder)


Dry suit Repairs

In Deep are able to offer latex seal repairs onsite, all seals are replaced with heavy duty latex seals. An overnight service is available for an additional £10.00

ITEM Price
Neck seal replacement £50.00
Wrist seal replacement (pair) £50.00

Any damage/loss of kit will result in full payment to replace/repair item.